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Divorce and Family Law

We have more than 10 years’ experience having represented local and international clients in divorce proceedings. We understand that marital disputes often place much emotional and financial stress on an individual. As such, though we practise sensitivity to our clients’ needs, we are equally professional in resolving our clients’ issues amicably and swiftly without compromising our clients’ interests and financial standing. We are experienced in drafting marital agreements, pre-marital agreements, deeds of separation and successfully assisted many clients in variation of family orders.

In a recent case involving a foreign couple, we represented a home maker wife. Her husband, being a vice-president of a foreign bank, was financially able and ready for a long drawn litigation. Our client’s reasonable desires included care and control of the children, maintenance and equitable division of the matrimonial assets which were all contested by the husband. Multiple interlocutory applications were filed by the husband to wear our client and force her into a settlement. Attempts were made to even bring the children out of Singapore whilst custody issues were being negotiated. Despite the husband’s financial strength and aggressiveness, we managed to successfully obtain a reasonable settlement for her. Our client obtained care and control of the children, maintenance for the children and herself and payment of rent, medical and educational expenses.

In another recent case, we represented a wife whose husband had carefully planned the divorce for years. He had turned the teen children against her and emptied their jointly-owned safe box. As his contribution to the matrimonial home was 90% or more, he wanted a transfer of the matrimonial home with just a refund of her meagre CPF funds. After contested interlocutory applications and trial, we successfully got nearly 40% of all the matrimonial assets for her.

Probate, Administration and Resealing of Foreign Grants

Much may be at stake with a death in the family. Apart from dealing with the loss of a loved one, certain legalities will need to be addressed for the family to move on. We work to understand the family’s needs at this time of grief and assist them to make the appropriate applications to Court where the value of the estate is more than $50,000, be it an application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (when there is no will). We take pride in being expeditious and try as much as possible to inconvenience the family during the time of bereavement.

We have represented several foreign clients to reseal Grants obtained from commonwealth countries such as Australia and Malaysia in the High Court of Singapore in order for them to deal with assets located in Singapore. We have a systematic approach which has helped several clients obtain the Resealed Grants expeditiously.

Personal injuries

We have vast experience in litigating and settling personal injury claims arising from road accidents and workplace accidents. We help the injured to seek reasonable compensation from those responsible. We understand that since the injured will incur unforeseen expenses as a result of the injury, we offer free one-time non-obligatory consultation to render comprehensive and professional legal advice on their claim, if any.

Anyone coming for the free consultation can be assured that they will get personal attention and answers to all their legal queries sufficient to enable them to make an informed decision. We have served many satisfied clients locally and overseas such as China, India, Malaysia and America who keep in touch with us for years following the conclusion of their cases.


We have successfully assisted many couples to adopt local and overseas children. Our satisfied clients often refer us to their friends and family members. We know and understand that high emotions are involved during the adoption process and work to get all legalities completed at the shortest time possible so that the couples can start life afresh with their new babies.

Recently, our clients wishing to adopt a baby from Malaysia was faced with the task of obtaining a Letter of Support from the Malaysian Embassy. As the Letter of Support was in a new updated format, the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore refused to endorse the Letter of Support and referred our clients to their headquarters in Putrajaya, KL. Unable to get the endorsement on the Letter of Support, our clients’ adoption proceedings were put on hold. When we were engaged, we instructed a counter-part in KL and made personal attendances at Putrajaya, KL and successfully managed to get the Letter of Support for our clients. Shortly after, our clients became the proud new parents of a baby girl.

Child custody

It is common knowledge that the children are the worst-hit victims of a broken marriage. Ideally, it is best for parents to come to an agreement on the care and custody of their children when contemplating separation or divorce.

Sadly, many parents are unable to do so presumably due to the stress of a broken marriage. With our experience in dealing with child custody issues, we are able to advise our clients on the best interests of their children and balance them with our client’s needs and reasonable desires. We have a proven track record to show that we can make a difference – see our reported High Court case of ACU v ACR (2010).

Criminal Law

We have represented uniformed personnel, company directors, housewives and even students with their brush with the law. We encourage anyone facing a potential charge or prosecution to come for a personalised and professional consultation so that we are engaged early.

Once instructed, we spare no effort to do the necessary research and groundwork in order to convince the relevant authorities to not charge our clients. On many occasions, with the benefit of our advice and early intervention, our clients have been let off with warnings. If and when our clients are charged, we strive to obtain the minimal penalty by making appropriate representations and pleas.

Commissioning and Certification

We offer commissioning services and we have an in-house Notary Public for notarization services. We also provide certification of truth for documents.


Our other areas of practice include drafting of agreements, contracts, deed polls, wills and power of attorney. We also offer legal advice and service in matters relating to contractual disputes, tenancy issues, bankruptcy, debt recovery and many more. Please send us an email with your query and we shall be pleased to assist you.