Negligent driving – Fined $4000 and 3 years disqualification

Monday, July 2, 2012
Police officer fined for negligent driving

As an officer with the Police Coast Guard, his job was to keep our waters safe.
But on land, he drove negligently and slammed into a pedestrian, causing him to now be in a vegetative state.
Lee Koon Seng, 32, was fined $4,000 Friday for causing grievous hurt by […]

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Child Custody law

Suit No:

Divorce No 4940 of 2007 (RAS No 139 of 2009 and Summons 9958 of 2010)
Decision Date: 29 October 2010
Court: High Court
Coram: Woo Bih Li J
Counsel: Grace Malathy d/o Ponnusamy (Grace M & Associates) for the appellant/defendant;
Mahendra S Segeram (Segeram & Co) for the respondent/plaintiff.


Area / Catchwords
Civil Procedure – Appeals
Family Law – […]

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Business @ AsiaOne

Business @ AsiaOne Mon, Nov 03, 2008 The New Paper
He sues boss and gets: $100,000 By Crystal Chan-TNP
If he had accepted the MOM assessment, he would have got only $4,410 for injuries which have affected his speech and facial muscles.
MR ONG Kean Lim, 23, did what few foreign workers would dare to do: […]

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